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  • Manufacturers face ongoing pressure to reduce costs and complexity, and leverage existing technology investments. They must be able to adapt quickly to changing business priorities and customer demands. Pavilion8? model predictive control (MPC) is our solution that facilitates quick response to market demands, continuous reduction of costs, and consistent achievement of quality targets.

    Achieve Maximum Profitability

    Model Predictive Control

    Pavilion8 MPC is a modular software platform and the foundation for our industry-specific solutions. Leveraging a powerful modeling engine, Pavilion8 MPC includes modules to control, analyze, monitor, visualize, warehouse, and integrate, and combines them into high-value applications.


    Pavilion8 Technology

    The Most Valuable Control Application in Manufacturing Today

    Pavilion8 MPC is an intelligence layer on top of basic automation systems. This technology continuously drives your plant to achieve multiple business objectives including cost reductions, decreased emissions, consistent quality and production increases.

    Advanced Control

    Easy to Use

    • Browser-based user interface
    • Local language support
    • Custom event detections, notifications, and alerts
    • Configurable, personal views
    • Clear and simple information presentation from component-based view assembly

    Straightforward to Integrate

    • Web services-based architecture using common technology standards and components (J2EE, SOAP, XML, SQL)
    • Open standards-based integration to diverse data sources using OPC, OLE-DB, and JDBC ODBC

    Adapts to Changing Business Needs

    • Browser-based user interface
    • Embedded model analytic engine for the development of models based on historic process data, first principles equations, decision logic, and arithmetic calculations
    • Scalable to a vast number of data sources, calculations, users, views, and reports

    Pavilion8 Control for Complex Processes

    Fonterra Overhauls Standardizing System

    The existing Batch Milk standardizing system presented many challenges for Fonterra. Our Pavilion8 MPC in-line standardizing system created a much more agile and capable operation for this company. This solution minimized the giveaway of protein and fat while remaining compliant with codex standards for better compositional control of milk powder.

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    Learn About Our Industry Solutions

    Committed to Delivering the Highest ROI

    Customer Engagement Methodology


    • Propose and plan
    • Confirm business value
    • Set expectations
    • Determine benchmark metrics


    • Design, develop, and deploy
    • Data gathering and validation
    • Model development
    • Application deployment



    • Commissioning
    • KPI configuration
    • Training
    • Performance validation


    • Support
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Performance metrics
    • Ongoing support

    How May We Help You?

    The Process Solutions team is dedicated to delivering the highest ROI in the industry. Contact us to discuss your unique process and how we can deliver predictable results.