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  • Tire and Rubber Production

    Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems for Tire Building and Curing

    Greater Traction in Productivity

    Proven Solutions for Every Stage of Tire Manufacturing

    Your challenges are many: globalization, consolidation, changing global standards, stricter government regulations, and consumer demand for greater performance at a lower price.

    You must reap the most productivity from every stage of your manufacturing process. At the same time, you must ensure the tires you produce meet your customers' specifications and overall quality standards.

    To produce better tires more efficiently, you need solutions that span the tire design, development, and production processes.

    Our tire manufacturing automation and control systems support you in every step of the process: from raw materials process and mixing, to component preparation, to tire building and curing, through to final finish and inspection. We also support safety, material handling, and energy management throughout the plant.

    Our full-spectrum approach provides easier integration and standardization across plants and throughout the tire-production life cycle. Our solutions help you meet safety and regulatory requirements, while integrating efficiencies to improve productivity and quality.

    Capabilities to Increase Production Efficiencies


    Productive and Safe Machines

    Tire building machines (TBM) are widely used to build green tires. For tire manufacturers, these machines need to be productive, safe, flexible, and easy to use. For machine builders this means providing machines that are modular, standard, and cost-effective.

    Use our high-performance Integrated Architecture? system with integrated safety on your tire building machines to:

    • Synchronize machine sections such as wind-up and let-off
    • Achieve tension and edge control
    • Optimize cut-to-length accuracy, independent of machine speed
    • Easily adjust to process changes such as tire dimensions

    Learn More About Our Integrated Architecture System

    Learn More About Our Safety Solutions

    The Michelin Group awards Preferred Partner Agreement to Rockwell Automation.

    Tire Curing

    Fast, Reliable, and Repeatable Performance

    Tire curing is a critical process and represents a significant capital investment. No matter what the scale of your operation, you depend on your curing presses for fast, reliable, and repeatable performance.

    Using our Integrated Architecture system, you can enhance equipment utilization and productivity for your tire curing processes.

    Learn More About Our Integrated Architecture System

    Put the Industrial Internet of Things To Work

    The Connected Enterprise

    Smart manufacturing is the gateway to digital transformation. Connected smart devices open new windows of visibility into processes. Data and analytics enable better and faster decision-making. Seamless connectivity spurs new collaboration.

    The Connected Enterprise makes all this possible. It converges plant-level and enterprise networks and securely connects people, processes, and technologies

    How May We Help You?

    Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional industry knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.